Consulting Betwixt

Partnering with people through change

Consulting Betwixt

Change is inevitable, but we are not guaranteed to navigate changes with grace. I partner with people and organizations in periods of transition to help them thrive in the spaces "betwixt"  what has been and what will be.  Magic can happen in that space between.

I work with people in three ways:

Organizations - Facilitating Change

I partner with small nonprofits, businesses and government agencies to plan and implement a thoughtful transition process for organizations facing changes in leadership, strategy, programs and practice. 

Circles and Seminars on Loss and Hope

I work with people individually or in small groups to explore your past, your power, and your relationship with loss, fear, grief, dying and death. Together, we build resilience in the face of change.

End-of-Life Care

As an end-of-life doula, I partner with individuals who are dying and their loved ones to reflect on their lives, create remembrance projects, design and implement a vigil plan, and support loved ones after a loss.

Working with Me


Commitment to You

I am committed to working with you through your change, asking the right questions, and holding space for your learning process.  I bring two decades of experience in research, project management, program and event design, and facilitation.  As an educator, end-of-life doula and circle keeper, I help you engage your curiosity, open to learning, and face change with courage. 

I am committed to equity and inclusion and I design my programs and consultations to support your needs and honor your experiences.


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